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For whatever reason, your loved one has been arrested and placed on bail. You want to get them out of the jailing system as soon as possible so they can go about their everyday life.

You may not have the cash to immediately bail out your loved one! Don’t worry, you can use what is known as a bail bond. Secondly, you’re looking a contract that is affordable; as much as you’d do anything to protect your loved one, you still don’t want to break the bank doing so.

The rest of this article will cover the bail bond process, the typical interest rates on these bonds, and lastly, how to find affordable bail bonds in New York.

what is bail?

You are placing a specific amount of money as insurance for the release of an accused person awaiting trial. This sum of cash is used as a guarantee the defendant will appear in court. If the defendant makes all appearances and abides by the rules presented by the court, then the bail will be refunded in full.

Placing bail is similar to paying security to your landlord for rent!

what is a bail bond?

Not everyone can afford to pay for the temporary release of their loved on. For these individuals, they may want to consider finding an affordable bail bondsman to cover the cost.

Bond agencies will pledge the amount of money for your bail under the condition that you pay a fee for the service at the end of the term when the bail has been refunded by the courts.

How Do You Bail Someone Out Of Jail?

As stated above, the process of obtaining a bond for bail, begins with contacting a bondsman in your region.

The bondsman is legally obliged to operate within the confines of the New York criminal justice system. For this reason, you can expect the agency to act ethically since there are strict consequences for anything less.

You can also rest assured that the firm will assert the presumption of innocence which is absolutely crucial for the defendant to have a unbiased trial.

The process begins by presenting the court with a contract guaranteed by the bail bondsman and the defendant/indemnity (third person party apply for the bail bond; you!). The bond organization  promises the courts that your loved one will  appear in court as the judge requires. The agency, in turn, takes full responsibility for the acts of the defendant.

Additionally, you are pledging responsibility of your loved ones actions as well. If the defendant does not abide by the rules set forth by the bondsman and court there can be serious financial ramifications.

after signing your bail bond agreement

After Making Agreement With Bondsman

The agent will then present a document to the judge while in court applying to bail out the defendant. The judge will look over the document and ask any additional questions he/she may have. Most of the time, the application will be accepted. However, there is not a 100% guarantee the bail offer will be accepted by the judge.

This is why it is important to contact an affordable bondsman in your area who knows the preference of your particular judge! Doing so will improve the chances of releasing your loved one from custody.

It is important to note that once a bail bond contract has begun its process, it is almost impossible to terminate its actions… so plan accordingly.

What is the bail bond process?


What is the typical rate of interest on an affordable bail bond?

You will be charged a certain percentage of the total bail amount at the end of the contract (premium). The bail premium depends on what state you live in and are non-negotiable. These premiums typically start around 10% of the bail.

There are cases when you will be turned down by a bail firm due to your relationship with the defendant. You may be turned down for co-signing if the bond agency concludes your relationship with the defendant is not enough to justify you have the ‘power’ to sway and take responsibility for the defendant. For this reason, it is important for the indemnitor is closely related.


When Will The Defendant Be Released?

People want to be released from jail as soon as possible! Your bond firm will place bail as soon as possible as these accounts tend to pile up fast.

The time the contract is proposed to the court is dependent on the court schedule for your particular state, city, precinct, or suburb. Typically, these times fall within the range of 10 am – 3 pm.

A bail agreement may not be submitted until the following day if the contract is signed after the courts have closed for the day.

After the judge signs off, an outside vendor will courier the documents to the jail. The time to release varies from jail to jail. Some jails have a 24 hour policy while others will release defendants in 2-6 hours after processing.

It is the responsibility of the indemnitor (you) to advise the defendant to report to the bondsman within 24 hours after being released.


 How to choose the right bondsman for your financial needsHow to choose the best bail bond agent?

First off,if a bail bond company states they can get your loved one out on bail with 100% certainty, avoid that business. There are no guarantees and any bondsman telling you this either is ignorant or dishonest.

Let’s look at several more factors to pay attention to when trying to find an affordable bail bond.


The first thing you want to look for is the agencies license. Make sure that the bail bond firm is licensed in the given state you are located in. Being licensed in the specific state is mandatory for bondsman to pledge bail for defendants.


Make sure that the agent has experience in the game. Ask as many questions about the process as you can think of; the surety in the agents voice and details of his answer will tell you everything.

Make sure to ask your agent what forms to fill out to complete the bail out process as well.

It is important to see if they have any experience with your specific judge as well. This will ensure they know your judge’s preferences; increasing your loved ones chance of being released.


Dealing with a bail service that is highly accessible is absolutely essential! Judge this by how urgent they are to get in touch with you. Test their willingness by being slightly annoying by calling with ‘trivial’ questions. Their willingness to help you will tell you everything about their accessibility.

This trait is essential because the bail process takes lots of communication. Everyone in the situation must always be informed about what needs to be done at any given time.


Bail Bondsman fees will generally be the same among most of the agents. However, many agents will offer affordable bail bond payment options to compliment your current financial situation.

It is important you ask the bondsman about payment plans they offer. You want to hire an agent that cares about your situation and offers reasonable solutions to pay for the bond.

Let the bail bond agent know what you can afford upfront and take note of how willing he/she is to work with you!


Fortunately, at Secure Bail Out we have already created relationships with the most affordable and trustworthy bail bondsman all around NY! Contact us to get a free consultation to secure a bail bond for your loved one today.


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